2-Tems: 6 fashion hits +2 faux pas

Fashion isn’t just a word its a talent and only a few can understand as it can only be done perfectly by a couple of people. As much as there are some memorable designs there are also some few faux pas.

They are used in regular conversation by fashion experts. Some of these terminology are common, but others, especially the technical ones, were unknown to me.

If you want to be a part of the fashion crowd, you must include some of them in your conversations or at the very least know what they are talking about.

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Androgynous fashion

In fashion, androgyny refers to wearing in ways that make it difficult for the viewer to establish the person’s gender. Gender-neutral clothing. Also known as Unisex fashion. A style that is neither overtly feminine nor overtly masculine.


Anime is short for animation and refers to a fashion trend based on Japanese Anime cartoons. The majority of the apparel is in punk style.

Anti Fashion 

Dressing in fashions that diverge from current fashion; displaying apathy for fashion and its fluctuating trends. Anti-establishment, edgy fashion, alternate fashion, counterculture, and counterfashion are other phrases that are used interchangeably.

Antique style

A style of the past.

Anti Pill

Treatment done on fabric to increase the wear resistance, preventing uneven and worn look of fabric surface.

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Army look

A style that resembles an army uniform (military style).

Art deco

Style incorporating geometric patterns in typical colours of yellow green gold silver and black.

Art Nouveau

Style that incorporates linear and curvilinear designs.

a la mode

French term for fashion. Pronounced as a-lə-ˈmod

American Style

A sporty easy going casual style of clothing.


Another word for clothes, clothing and garments.

Apparel manufacturing

Involves assembling, cutting, finishing, grading, labeling, marketing of garments in an industrial set up.

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