14 Nail Polish Trends For 2017

The nail fashion like any other fashion or style keeps reinventing it’s self , it comes , goes and comes back in a fancier way , sometimes the same , just looks better or less than it did before.
This year with the guide of international nail artists using some of our favorite nail polish makers such as , Kate spade , sally Hanson, OPI, Brock , Christian Loubitiun, Esssie, kiss Paris, Vera Wang and lots more to create this fabulous nail arts at the New-York fashion week.  These looks have shaped the trend for 2017.
These trends include
The Metallic Hue /Mix
Matte white
Metallic blush over white
Blush of metallic over white
Candy Hue
Cheekliy Minimal Cubit  nail art
Sharp Stiletto French tip
Short rounded shape with a glossy finish ( best polish to achieve this look,would be the gel polish )
Alternate halves
Accessorizing the cuticle
Matte centered strip
Wilde blue Yonder
nail trend metalic blush over white nail trend matt white nail trend futurusitic metalic nail trend cheekily minimal cubist nail trends matte center strip nail trend  accessorissing the cuticle
Photo credit;  Elle.com

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