10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alexx Ekubo

Alexx Ekubo

1. He is From Abia State
Alexx Ekubo’s given name is Alex Ekubo-Okwaraeke. He was born on April 10, 1986, in the year 1986. He was born in a village called Arochukwu, which is based in Abia State. Abia State is located in the southeastern part of Nigeria, and it is well-known for being one of Nigeria’s most famous regions.

2. He is College Educated
Ekubo did not begin his acting profession immediately away since he preferred to devote his time to his education first. Following high school graduation, he went on to study at the Federal Government College Daura. He spent a few years there studying what he needed to know in order to graduate, yet he ultimately chose to pursue his degree elsewhere.

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3. He Has a Law Degree
After completing his studies at the Federal Government College, he went on to pursue his degree at the University of Calabar. At the Calabar State university School, he was able to obtain his law degree. He was looking to advance his professional and educational goals, and this is where he ended up.

4. He’s a Beauty Pageant Runner-Up
To be quite honest, we’re not even sure if it should be referred to as a beauty pageant if it’s a competition for male models. In 2010, he came in second place in the Mr. Nigeria competition, which is something we know about. While male beauty pageants (contests?) are not nearly as popular or as publicly reported as those devoted to women, they do exist — as he can attest to, he being a former finalist of one.

5. He is preparing to tie the knot
In light of his recent engagement, it is appropriate to express our congratulations to this attractive actor. He proposed to his long-term girlfriend, and she accepted his proposal. ‘Fancy Acholonu,’ she goes by. Despite the fact that his fiancée is also Nigerian, she lives in the United States. Among her many ventures are a jewellery company as well as a modelling and acting agency for children.

6. He’s Doing Well
The good news is that Alexx Ekubo is doing fairly well in his personal life if this is something you are interested in knowing. He’s famous, he’s doing what he loves, he’s about to tie the knot with the woman of his dreams, and he’s thought to be worth $1 million. Currently, he isn’t venting about the state of his own life, and no one is pressuring him to do so.

7. He has a large number of supporters
Alexx Ekubo has a significant number of followers on Twitter and other social media platforms. He has more than 3.9 million followers on his Instagram page alone. It is said in his online biography that he is a method actor, and he frequently communicates with his followers about his recent work and personal life. On the site, he is a rather active member.

His relationship with his family is quite strong
His family always comes first, regardless of how well-known Ekubo is. On his social media platforms, he frequently talks about how close he is to his family and how they all work together. During the celebration of Mother’s Day, he shared a photo of his mother with the world, explaining that she tries to hide her halo, but that he can see it clearly. Additionally, he refers to her as the “glue that ties their family together.”

9. He is a travel enthusiast.
Experiencing new places is something Ekubo enjoys. That aspect of his career and life is one of his favourite parts about it, and he is constantly on the lookout for his next big adventure. The fact that he gets to meet so many people on his travels and all over the world is another component of his job that excites him. The fact that he gets to live his life in this manner is possibly the most rewarding aspect of what he does. Having the freedom to pursue his passions while also travelling the world and meeting incredible people is an incredible way to live.

10. He is a very private person.
Ekubo is a man who places a high value on his privacy. Even though he is private, the entire world is aware of everything that is happening in his life. His social media sites are filled with enough information to ensure that his admirers are entertained, but the things he wishes to remain private and personal are never shared with anybody outside of his immediate family.