10 Best Utility Jackets For Men

For decades, various versions of jackets have been used in everything from military service to movie garb and casual outings. The same jackets that gave some celebrities their signature look and were standard issue for the army can provide you with plenty of pockets for storage, clean lines, and weather protection.

Take a look at some of our favorite takes on the classic below:

Fleece Jacket

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If you’re looking for a jacket because it’s close to a sweater, a fleece jacket is the way to go. Have you ever looked at a sheep and thought to yourself, “That sheep looks awfully uncomfortable.” Exactly. The fleece jacket is ideal for mild climates, perfect for fall and spring, and ideal for bringing out your inner gorp. Fleece jackets, like fleece itself, come in a variety of styles. Fluffier fleeces with deep piles have a lot of texture and warmth, but you might want to go with a shallower fleece to save space while staying warm.

Bomber Jacket

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The bomber jacket was designed for high-altitude missions during WWII, but it has remained relevant on the ground ever since. Thanks a lot, James Bond! The cropped length of a bomber jacket, like that of a trucker jacket, works wonders for your legs. Add a pair of high-heeled boots and you’ll feel like you’re on Cloud 9. Bomber jackets, on the other hand, have a more roomy silhouette than most truckers. This is ideal for layering a thick sweater underneath. Bombers are typically made of tough nylon or a mix of wool and leather (basically a varsity jacket), but they can also be made of warm-weather friendly fabrics such as cotton and linen.

Overcoats/Top Coats

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Top coats, whether they are expensive or not, make you feel like a million bucks. This is because the extra length adds movement and drape to an outfit, which a shorter jacket does not. The extra fabric also means there’s plenty of room to make a big statement piece out of it, whether with texture or a pattern. Because it’s intended to be worn over other layers, it’s cut generously, which only adds to the overall effect. As previously stated, top coats go by a variety of names. Whatever you call it, the sound is equally pleasing.

Field Mechanic Jacket by J.Crew


The addition of button closures to J.Crew’s take on a vintage-style field jacket improves the patch pocket, sleeve, and covered placket. The biggest improvement, however, is the J.Crew “like a glove” fit you’ll get from the tailoring.

Barbour Quilted Sapper Jacket


Whatever you think about the popularity of Barbour jackets in certain areas, people buy them for a reason. The Sapper has all of the standard field jacket features, but this version takes functionality and style to the next level with a quilted exterior, contrast collar, and tartan lining.

Swiss Army Highlander Field Jacket by Victorinox


If you want all the features of a field jacket (the hood, patch pockets, snaps, and zipper closure) but in a more eye-catching color, look no further than the brand best known for the Swiss Army knife. The Highlander Field Jacket from Victorinox comes in a nice blue or a bright yellow color and is water repellent thanks to the 42 percent nylon construction.

Field Jacket by Aether Apparel


Aether has a way of taking what you thought was a fairly simple piece of clothing and streamlining it even further. In the case of the Field Jacket, they cleaned up the lines even more and combined it with the technical performance of a ski jacket to take it a step further. All of that functionality and technology creates an impermeable barrier against the elements… while still looking fantastic.

The M-65 Field Jacket of the Real McCoy


The Real McCoy’s is a Japanese brand that, like many other Japanese brands, excels at vintage American style. Their M-65 field jacket is made of 100% cotton with a 50/50 cotton/polyester inner shell, and they paid such close attention to detail that they used the same Scoville wire pull-tab on the zipper and Talon non-locking oval pull tab on the hood. This is the “real McCoy.”

Leather Jacket

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You reach for a leather jacket when you want to feel hot. In The Matrix, how do you think Neo destroyed Agent Smith? A jacket made of leather. Also, kudos to Nicholas Cage, the real leather daddy. There are numerous styles of leather jackets available, ranging from road-ready moto jackets to club-ready leather duster jackets to luscious suede bombers and more. You may not consider yourself a leather jacket guy, but there is a leather jacket out there for you.

Trench Jacket

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If raincoats are a group of friends, then the trench coat is the chic Parisian one. It’s always dashing, whether it’s paired with brogues or sneakers (perhaps even more so!). It’s also the most elegant when it’s raining. A classic tan trench coat never goes out of style, but you can also go for a hip black version or even a patterned joint for added flare. In any case, the trench is the most compelling argument against umbrellas. Most trenches are made of a dense, water-resistant fabric, but there are lighter versions that are coated with special chemicals to make them waterproof. Some excellent options are designed to accept a removable liner, allowing you to wear the trench even in the coldest months.

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