1 Babe, 3 Dashing Looks! Check Out Bisola Borha’s Birthday Photos

Boss of TrendyBE EventsBisola Borha is a year older today.

To celebrate her birthday this year, the gorgeous lady shared these amazing photos by Aham Ibeleme Photography. The photoshoot features Bisola in three stunning looks, styled by Rhoda Ebun.

In the spirit of celebration and reflection, she shared a few lessons she learnt from running a business in Nigeria over the course of 9 years. She wrote;

1. You will make some mistakes be better, not bitter.
2. Being a leader means stepping out of your comfort zone.
3. It is okay to cry but those moments should teach you something.
4. Build a brand bigger than Yourself, You would not always be strong ,so you have to make sure others can keep it going while you are down.
5. In Your down times Your business must stay up, so have another stream of business, most staff do not understand down times , Some loyalty expires (even the ones that promise never to leave will leave when things are slow… (Keep Your head up).
6. Train and build a strong team early, give them a treat when you can afford to , but know that this is just a part you are playing to the world ,no one owes you anything in return really ,so be open to any of Your staff leaving .. be open-minded have a backup plan, have signed agreements. (You will be fine).
7. Not everyone will say thank You , appreciate Your effort or apologize , it is okay stay focused.
8. Be ready for people to copy you, it means you are doing something great just stay consistent and keep growing ( don’t worry hugs).
9. Work on the quality of your results, this attracts quality clients (bad feedbacks must make you better, not bitter).
10. Make sure you save your money and pay yourself a salary !! as an Entrepreneur, it is possible to be successful and broke.

Check on it:


Planner extraordinaire @bisolatrendybee of @trendybeevents
Photography: @ahamibeleme
Outfit @senseofhumour and corset by @nkadz.
Outfit @huebyidera
Styling @Rhodaebun
Hair @paradise_salonandspa
Makeup @t.alamodebeauty

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