Mummy Dearest 2 “The Wedding” Movie A Must Watch For Every Lady Before Saying Yes To Him!

Mummy Dearest 2 The Wedding is one of Nollywood’s most anticipated movie drama of 2018 which shares a light in the issues women face with their mother’s inlaw relationship with their sons.
With a line up of amazing characters Chijioke Chinda played by Daniel K Daniel, Boma Koko played by Mary Lazarus, Rose Chinda Chijioke’s mum played by the legendary Liz Benson Amaye. A true tale of a mummy’s boy whom assumed the place of a husband and bread winner in the heart of the mother Rose Chinda after her husband Chijioke’s father passed away years back though the cause of the death wasn’t revealed in the movie but there were scenes from the movie which depicts the loneliness and emptiness in the heart of a lonely mother (Chijioke’s mum) which leaves her with no choice other than trying to stick with her son Chijioke more than any of her daughters whom were already living with their husbands.
Scenes from the making of the movie
The movie which was a sequel to the 2015 movie saw Boma Koko Chijioke’s financee battle with her soon to be mother in-law for the right to be accepted into the family seeing his closeness with his mother as a threat to their happiness. Most of their romance were mostly interrupted by Chijioke’s mum Rose Chinda whom has gotten so addicted to her son’s closeness to the point that giving anyone a chance to steal that relationship was something she wasn’t ready to do.  Just when Boma Koko Chijioke’s financee thought all she was going to face in her relationship was just an ever clinging mother in-law not until Chijioke’s ex girlfriend shows up wanting to be back in his life.
Just like every successful relationship today, after every hell was let loose and the issues were resolved, finally Rose Chinda Chijioke’s mum realised she was ruining her son’s life after he lost his job, after loosing the only woman who made his life worth living and he went into drinking to the point that he began to raise his voice at his mother whom he adorned so much.

Like they say, never reveal too much for a movie that is still in cinemas. Mummy Dearest 2 The Wedding ended in a happy matrimony with a big wedding and i think everyone needs to go see this movie inorder to help their understand why their husband’s mum is acting the way she is acting towards them.

My current rating for this movie in terms of story and plot is 8/10 because unlike most Nigerian movies its so relatable and anyone can easily learn something from it because it’s  a true Nigerian story.


The movie tells the story of a young man, Chijioke Chinda, who was sent to his home town Port Harcourt to head his company’s project.

Knowing that he’s becoming successful in life, he decides to propose to his girlfriend, Boma Koko. After that giant move, Boma begins to assume the position of a prospective wife which naturally does not sit well with Chijioke’s mum, Rose Chinda.

Hence, attention tussle ensues between the ladies and culminates with Chijioke and Boma’s big wedding.

Watch the trailer below:

Chiazor Daniel
Chiazor Daniel

Chiazor Daniel is a creative writer, artiste manager and entertainment reporter who's life revolves around the film and entertainment industry. I have a degree in applied geophysics from the prestigious university of Port-Harcourt, a diploma in screenwriting from Pan Atlantic School Of Media & Communications. I want to make my own movies someday.

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